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Sold 31 Loafs of 🍌🍌🍌 🍞
Written by Ben Wilson on April 8th 2020
Food delivery!!
I'm a substitute teacher (or was).

I worked almost full-time as I waited  for a real salaried full-time position to open up.

That was until the Coronavirus.

I applied for food stamps and was approved. I can't get unemployment from the school district because I'm not a "real" employee.

I'm a sub-contracted educational assistant.

I have a friend who is friends with a health inspector.

My friend was telling her friend about my having to get on food stamps and he told her about you.

He knows some of your vendors in town. I think two of them.

So I looked you up. Found your Youtube.

The first video I watched and bells went off in my head.

I love to bake and my weight is proof of it.

You mentioned banana bread and so here's what I did.

I did exactly as you said. LOL

I'm part of several local groups and one is a teacher's group with full-timers and 
part-timers (like me).

I baked 2 loaves. Took pictures.
I didn't have a friend post it though.
I did it myself.

In less than 24 hours I sold 31 loaves. One teacher bought four loaves.

Thirty one!

I just wanted to thank you.

Of course without the food stamp funds, I would not have be able to get the ingredients.

Without you I wouldn't have just made $310.00.

I'm paying my electric bill today.

Today I'm making two more with cream cheese swirled in (I'll attach the recipe link)...

[UPDATE 4.14.2020]

I heard you talk about Vendors United and I know it's probably mostly hot dog vendors from what I gather but I decided to join anyway.

And I'm so happy I did.

I followed your instructions with the next post and decided to put it in two other local groups.

Ben, as of this morning the cheesecake post pre-sold 67 loaves. One of those is mailing 
a check because she doesn't have a smart phone to Venmo me.

Thank you, thank you!

I've been at this 4 days... posted in 3 groups and have sold 98 loaves.

And you'll be proud of me too!

The cheesecake loaves are going for $15.50 each.

I must go and bake. I've enlisted my sister in law to help me.

Hot dogs saved your life but you and banana bread are saving mine.


- Ms. Lindsey

Her first message made my day but yesterday when I was writing this she messaged again.

Made my week!
From her kitchen with an older model GE stove, she's baking bread to sell...
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